Property Management

Services for unique properties

Live & Travel is a top provider of Property Management Services for unique Villas & Apartments.

We always try to create a  close and trustworthy relationship with our guests to ensure each property is managed to the highest professional standards, matching our guests’ needs.

Our services are designed to give value for money, providing efficiency and economy to enhance and maintain the value of each asset. We are continually looking at ways to improve the quality of services as well as reduce costs, with the objective of passing these benefits to you.

We collect all the data of your home; its special features, style, elements, equipment. We investigate the area that lies both in the level of tourist interest, the type of tourism that gathers and determines (in agreement with you), the pricing policy. In order to set the prices we take into consideration the following factors; a) type of house, b) equipment-furniture-decoration, c) facilities and amenities provided, d) previous reviews (if any) on online channels, e) region competition.

Then, we compose the text that describes in detail and in a style that approximates your prospective visitors the characteristics of your home. In more detail, the text includes the description of your home, instructions for using your home and any restrictions on available spaces, the home user’s guide and rules of use, a detailed description of the neighborhood (supermarkets, transportation, etc.), the ways of communication.

Depending on the style of the home and the audience that your property  targets, it is listed in most or all of the following channels: airbnb, 9flats, homeaway, wimdu, flipkey, tripadvisor, holidaylettings, roomorama, onlyapartments, bedycasa, housetrip, flat4day, stopsleepgo

Live & Travel also promotes your property through the company’s social media accounts, advertising it through Facebook and Instagram ads at its own expenses and synchronizes calendars on all channels to avoid duplication.